We are one of the leading door manufacturers in the U.S.

Our 14 different doors are all custom built to our customer’s specifications, using aluminum, composite, wood or other specified material and can be produced in almost any color. Doors are mounted using gravity, V-Cam, spring butt, or clamp flange spring hinges.

  • Solid Core Doors
  • Cooler/Refrigerator Doors
  • Restaurant and Retail Doors
  • Envirocore Doors
  • Security Doors

Carlson’s exclusive V-Cam hinge features a full-length, extruded aluminum spine; full-length, solid steel rod; and heavy-duty, cast steel gravity hinges.


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The variety of our doors and the fact that they are custom built allows for successful use in a wide variety of application. Carlson door installations are commonly found in new construction, grocery stores, restaurants, warehouses, department stores, discount stores, hotels, post offices, security facilities – anywhere there is a need to separate spaces and ensure quick, safe and secure closure.