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Insulated pet doors loved by homes, businesses and pets


Carlson Products has launched their new Carlson Pro Pets brand of insulated pet doors. One of three divisions of Carlson Products, Carlson Pro Pets manufactures insulated pet doors for homes, businesses, breeders, kennels, even the U.S. military.

Carlson insulated pet doors are highly engineered to protect pets from injury, for durability, beauty and maximum energy efficiency. They’re also built to withstand extreme temperatures. With no rivets, screws, bolts or non-bonded seams on the flap, there are also fewer exterior parts that can break or “snag,” potentially injuring pets.

“Carlson has decades of expertise in aluminum and insulation,” said Austin Peterson, president of Carlson Products. “These core competencies allow us to offer a superior insulated pet door, a pet-safe door that is commercial strength and a great fit for those looking for premium performance.”

Along with Carlson Pro Pets, Carlson’s other product lines include Carlson Doors and Carlson Pans. Since 1956 Carlson Products has been a major supplier of formed and fabricated component parts, as well as finished aluminum products in the commercial bakeware, industrial and doors categories.

Throughout the years Carlson has manufactured pizza pans and smallwares for industry leaders. Staying close to home, all of Carlsons pans are manufactured in the U.S. using domestically produced aluminum. All of Carlson’s bakeware is also either Clear Coat Anodized or Hard Coat Anodized to resist corrosion and yield a product with release properties superior to bare aluminum.

Carlson Traffic Doors can be found in big box retailers, popular restaurant chains and is trusted by some of the leading brands across the nation.

“From finished goods to custom components, Carlson manufactures superior products proven by undisputed quality and durability,” said Peterson. “Our job is to provide solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. That philosophy is at the heart of everything we do at Carlson Products. It is how we add value and become a true partner with our customers.”

Carlson is also a certified field laboratory and testing facility. Customers choose Carlson for the company’s expertise in anodized aluminum, prototype expediting, state-of-the-art equipment, strong workforce, centralized location, high-quality, short lead times and on-time delivery.

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About Carlson Products

Carlson Pro Pets is a division of Carlson Products, along with Carlson Pans and Carlson Doors. Founded in 1956, Carlson Products originally manufactured wall ties, window and door frames, aluminum stockroom doors, grain traps and tool boxes. In 1958, Carlson was selected to design and produce the first prototypes of pizza pans for a fledgling newcomer that is now a household name worldwide. For more information about Carlson Products please visit